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Why use a wire to Board connectors
Mar 15, 2017

LED landscape lights, for example. From the power supply to the base interval is usually relatively large, if from the power supply to the lamp holder each line connection from start to finish, it will bring unnecessary trouble to the construction, and create wires spoiling. Some may question, directly out of the line to open a gap, the wires with the conductive parts connected to, wrap several layers of insulation glue can do? Lines to board the watchword must wire to board connector. First, electrical tape are mostly simple aging, unsafe then wires directly together on the mechanical properties of the joint is bad, lines slightly oscillatory stretch very briefly form a circuit breaker, and the interface connection is bad, briefly forming heat and cause a fire, not to mention poor field conditions, waterproof aging request for high-salt-proof, insulated far to the request. But if used in outdoor lighting high-performance waterproof cable wire to board connector, not only simplifies the network device, and all these security risks are reduced to a very low level.

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