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Board to Board connectors for cell phone use what are the characteristics of
Mar 15, 2017

Primary is, "soft", flexible convergence, and has is strong of resistance rot sex; second is without welding, device shortcut, more not occurred fire dangerous, such do also save space; Furthermore, now of Board on board are is super low height, double tablets type, this is below, small series will points described; eventually that is has super strong of resistance environment sex, not only is soft, and selection contact reliability high of "consolidation convergence"; certainly, usually also has unlimited pipe, with pressure seal blocking, device shortcut, advantages. We all know that Japanese companies in convergence areas have always been at the leading level, many high-end handsets are used such as Japanese companies such as Matsushita's Board to Board connection, to reach the thickness of thin fuselage intent, while Matsushita Electric also produced international combined height of the shortest Board to Board connection to 0.6mm.

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